Mr. Ahmed Maitiq meets with the General Electricity Company.


The electricity crisis in Libya is among the biggest challenges faced by the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, given that poses a pressure on the state and the morale of the Libyan people in this period, as a very sensitive file. It was one of the first issues that we discussed as soon as we initiated our work in Tripoli, along with financial, security and other matters, as a matter of our tireless follow-up efforts to this crisis, especially after the recent load distribution that we have suffered in the capital Tripoli.ىث

We met yesterday at the General Electric Company headquarter to participate in resolving this issue and listened carefully to the problems faced by the company; this was through a presentation by the Chairman and the rest of the members of the Board Directors. We discussed short-term solutions such as the ease of Loads distribution on Tripoli to as little as possible and long term options to end this crisis once and for all.

The company has shown a lot of technical details related to the current quantities of energy production and the deficit rates, so our follow-up to this file will continue, and we ask God to help and guide us.

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