Together we can exploit the full potential of Libya.

What happened in our country is nothing more than a realistic translation of the Libyans’ lack of agreement on how to deal with the security challenges, the political strivings and the economic dilemmas that surround us, which, if we exploit all the current and future Libyan capacities, can be exploited optimally; The cycle of violence and counter-violence between the warring Libyan parties prevents us from rebuilding our country, ensuring equal rights and equal opportunities for all.

The opportunity to achieve peace, security and prosperity in our country is possible and favorable, if we unite young men and women, men and women. It is a youthful country characterized by the fact that 75% of its citizens are young and under 30 years of age, productive, creative and creative. And if they are given the right atmosphere, they can go into comprehensive development and lead the country to a stable country in which its citizens enjoy security, stability, tranquility, prosperity, justice and equality. So we need a consensus government that achieves these strategic options. And our country and our future .. It is not easy. But the determination of loyal men makes the impossible, and the great ambitions of all Libyans are achieved without exception or exclusion.

The transformation that we seek to build a strong and united state in a situation similar to that of our country, and the wars and crises it has undergone, can not be achieved without peace and reconciliation. Reconciliation and peace are based only on justice. But we also need to expose the culture of tolerance, And forgiveness, and the culture of vengeance in order to build a nation ravaged by divisions, wars and strife, and in order that the Libyans will be blessed as soon as possible with a bright and secure future. Fluttering with confidence, prosperity and stability.

Libya’s strong foundation: reconciliation and social peace

We, the Libyans, have an opportunity to build a new, united and democratic state. Therefore, we must focus on realizing our dreams and building the future of our country … There is no doubt that there is no peace without justice, but we also need tolerance in order to bring the differences of the past to an end. The spirit of tolerance and acceptance of the other, where all members of society are equal, not exclusion and marginalization .. This will help heal the wounds of the deep, and the convergence of conflicting views, as well as the achievement of national sovereignty and prosperity.