Closing of the Vienna conference to support Libya

Today we concluded the Vienna Conference to Support Libya, with a significant international presence, in which the attendees confirmed their full support for the Government of National Accord, in their quest to restore peace to the country, the protection of national unity, and build state institutions. They emphasized the full support of the government in its actions and decisions to implement these goals.yyy

And we discussed during the conference, with all the international parties involved, who are unanimously agreed on the need not to prejudice the political agreement, as the core rule for the solution for all issues, as time is not for the benefit of the Libyans. Stressing the need to accelerate the adoption of the government by the House of Representatives, to initiate their agendas, that prioritized by the uniting of Libyans, to solve the problems of displaced and immigrated people, and to prepare ourselves and powers to face the first enemy of Libya (ISIS).

This conference gave the political process in Libya, a strong push, and increased apparently the chances of saving the country from collapse. All we need is to trust in God Almighty and to proceed diligently and faithfully, and determination, to repair the damages caused by the conflicts, and the establishment of a unified economic and secure political system that Libyans can support and honour.

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