It is time to put aside our differences and work together to bring our country to safety and to achieve peace and prosperity.

Dear partners of the dear homeland, we must put an end to all our differences today, and all of us – East and West, North and South, Arabs, Amazigh, Tabu and Tuaregs – will join together. We agree to make peace and achieve our aspirations to build Libya and achieve security and prosperity. Which Libyans and Libyans deserve without discrimination.

We have suffered over the past four years, four years of hopes that have betrayed us from violence and insecurity, and we have suffered in the past four decades because of the leadership of a corrupt dictatorship that wasted large sums of money, ruled the country with iron and fire and destroyed all opportunities for transformation and progress. All the meanings of patriotism, and turned it into an institution that sponsors an individual and a family.

This consensus represents a historic turning point for all Libyans, because it gives them a precious opportunity, and the Libyan people can choose their fate without the tutelage of anyone, and end the suffering of the current Libyans and the return of the swords to their sheaths.

With the agreement and the Libyan consensus, we put an end to the conflicts and the scourge of war. All the people of this country must strive to establish justice, reconciliation and social peace and work together to make our country safe and stable for our children and future generations.

With this choice, we reject the illusions of false victories in a conflict where there will be no victor. We have many examples of countries shattered by such conflicts.

The path that we have chosen is long and fraught with challenges. In order to establish a national unity government that seeks first and foremost to secure a decent life for all Libyans and Libyans, we must preserve the wounds of the past decades and years and inspire our values ​​of tolerance, pardon and rejection of the culture of revenge. A secure homeland that flattens the banner of justice and freedom, to achieve security, safety, tranquility, education, training, development, integrated health care, health insurance, and the economic prosperity desired by all. We want to establish a government that serves the people and serves no one else. We pride ourselves in the non-arrogant, proud of the past generations, and pride in God, the homeland and the soul, and trust in a bright future with your strong arms, bright minds, and all your constructive hopes without exception.

Mr. Ahmed Omar Maitiq’s vision of the National Accord Government:

Government serving the people:

Reconciliation, security, and social peace are the starting points.

• We must build the capacities of our government at all levels and with all segments such as professionals, nurses, doctors, teachers, administrators, engineers and other segments of our society to provide quality services to all Libyans by investing in every Libyan through education and training , And health care.

• We must build the knowledge and health care of our citizens, so that they have the skills and abilities necessary to meet their responsibilities in their workplace and their families.

• Provide capabilities, develop skills and capacities to the levels of government closest to citizens – local councils and administrations – and hold them responsible for providing basic services to citizens.

• Establishment of regional development funds to support the development of cities, achieve spatial development and improve household income.

• Establishment of a port infrastructure fund for the reconstruction of ports, power stations, water treatment plants and sewage system.

Security and Peacebuilding:

• Serious and urgent steps must be taken to preserve the security of the State and the personal safety of every Libyan individual.

• Building and developing a Libyan army capable of protecting the country and guarding its borders.

• Achieving safety, ensuring justice and law enforcement are professional functions, well-trained civil security services, under the control and guidance of the people’s government; we will build such a craft service.

• Like any existing state, the government must control the use of force, we must not allow the factions absolute freedom to pursue their narrow interests, and we will end the robberies, kidnappings, and other crimes committed with impunity.

• We will collect all heavy weapons, put them under the control of the Ministry of Defense, we will motivate the citizens to hand over their weapons, and those of the armed formations will be welcomed to be part of the regular armed forces or supported to integrate into civilian life

• Despite our sympathy for the hardships of migrants who have fled the scourge of war, oppression and poverty in their countries, Libya needs to secure, manage and protect its borders and put an end to illegal immigration.

• We will not allow the organization of the Islamic state and any extremist organization to operate in Libya, we will not tolerate them and we will unite to fight them, and we will work together with our allies around the world to stop the spread of their extremist ideologies.

Reconciliation and justice:

• We must not carry the crisis into the future. Achieving social peace and unifying all Libyans will begin only with reconciliation and justice.

Anyone who commits a crime will face justice and the Libyan judiciary will guarantee the trial of all the accused. We must achieve tolerance and reject the culture of revenge and marginalization instilled in us by the former regime.

We will need the support of friendly States that have emerged after suffering with conflicts and wars to benefit from their experiences in bringing about social peace and security and achieving national reconciliation.

Economy :

• We will revive the Libyan economy, invest all economic opportunities for prosperity, and build a better life for us, our children and future generations.

• We will encourage foreign investment in Libya, to create more jobs, and to attract expertise and capital.

• A framework will be established to secure, regulate and manage oil revenues in an efficient and transparent manner.

• Encourage and motivate Libyan business owners to start commercial projects to help jump-start the economy and create jobs.

• Supporting small, medium and large enterprises, providing job opportunities for youth, and seeking to eliminate unemployment.

Partnership with civil society:

• In many areas of our country over the last four years, successive governments have not been able to operate on their own and without the assistance of civil society organizations that have provided many services,