Mr. Ahmed Omar Maiteeg

Vice president, Presidential Council of Libya: 2015- present

Chairman of the Council of Arab Youth and Sports Ministers    2017ss

Libyan politician carries clear and profound reformatory vision for the future of Libya, with established plan for reform and build capacities of the Government, which meets the needs of all citizens concerning peace, security and prosperity.

Born in Misrata, Libya in 1972 to a family with a background in commerce and industry, Maiteeg developed an interest in business from an early age. He holds a degree in global economic studies from University of London in 1994, as well as qualified in International Business Studies from European University in Parma, Italy. Upon completion of his studies, Maiteeg returned to Libya to help rebuild and run his family’s businesses in construction and hospitality, eventually taking control of operations after the unexpected death of his father in 2003.

With a strong interest to establish economic stability in Libya, Maiteeg refocused to politics; turn out to be a member of the Committee of Civil Development and Stability following the Liberation. In 2013, he became an economic advisor to General National Congress, and in May 2014, he was elected as youngest Prime Minister of Libya with highest votes. Maiteeg stepped down from his role as Prime Minister in June 2014 to avert political differences and preserve stability. He then co-founded and became president of the Modern National Movement, which pursues rebuild the country and reinstate its relationships with the world.

Mr.  Maiteeg is looking after economic and development programs, international relations, national reconciliation and reconstruction, and special financial arrangements specified in the Political Agreement.

Sports the favorite hobby of Mr. Ahmed Maiteeg, he is a supporter of national and Arab sports through his chairmanship of the Council of Arab Youth and Sports Ministers at its current session 2017.

Maiteeg is married and has four young children.