This gathering was to develop a radical solution to end the closure of the coastal road



Yesterday evening we held a productive meeting with some activists, Dignitaries, and the mm. This gathering was to develop a radical solution to end the closure of the coastal road. We have seen that there is a desire on both sides to stop the crisis which has affected all the residents of the western region.

The delegations of both regions have demanded to reconstruct the affected areas and to form a presidential commission to visit these areas. Meeting these requests will be the Presidential Council’s duty which is entrusted specialized authorities to evaluate the damages and to assign the Ministry of Interior, which will be supported by security departments in both Warshefana and Azzawia regions. So that the police would secure the coastal road, and there will also be a call to all the police personnel in the two districts to return to their jobs immediately, and there will also be an agreement signed by all parties, God willing, soon.

We had repeatedly called to prioritize the public interest through the meetings that we held accordingly and called to embrace reconciliation as a way out for the country of all crises.

We hope that this step will be a sign of a new phase in which accord will prevail in all parts of the country, and we are confident that our problems can be solved if we open our hearts and be united as our current war is against terrorism and our battle is for development.

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