Mr. Ahmed Maiteeg’s speech at the opening of the workshop which was held today in Tripoli

Speech by Mr. Ahmed Omar Maiteeg at the opening of the workshop which was held today in Tripoli entitled “National Strategy for financing small and medium enterprises.”

In this lovely morning, we greet you, and we wish all success to this meeting, while you are discussing one of the most important topics, for the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, in particular. The support of small and medium enterprises and having them founded on a sound base within the strategy and national development policy will contribute effectively to push forward the economy; also will help the achievement of social welfare.  Due to the dilemma of inflated administrative apparatus of the state and the increased number of employees and salaries, this became a burden on the state budget. The budget that relies on a single source of income that is oil and gas, it is our duty to find ways and means to utilize our revenues to put an alternative policy to that source. From here we emphasize that there is no substitute for the support of small and medium enterprises of the private sector to help boost employment and absorb graduates ratios.99

The world’s attention to the small and medium projects is apparent to everyone, statistics and studies have shown that small and medium-sized enterprises represent high proportions of more than 60% on average employment rates, with greater contribution to national income ratio of more than that in many countries.

Ladies and gentlemen, paragraph 13 of the economic priorities in the second index of the Libyan political agreement provide short-term jobs especially for young people in particular to support small and medium enterprises. With the commitment of the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord to implement the Libyan political agreement, we will spare no effort to support the youth and small and medium enterprises in Libya as a part of its plans to encourage private sector development in the country.

We are all requested, as businessmen, youth, women and government institutions to intensify our efforts and cooperate for the building of our nation, and sincerity faith is what will enable us to build our homeland, which has been torn apart by conflicts,

God save Libya

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