Mr. Ahmed Maitiq condemns the repeated bombing of civilian and military installations, and the killing of Libyans without guilt or guilt

The repeated bombing of civilian and military installations, and the killing of the Libyans without guilt or crime, except that they have fought terrorism, indicates the unwillingness to resort to reason and to the interests of the country.

The targeting of a military transport plane belonging to the forces of the “Al-Bonyan Al-Qubas” was carrying an elite of officers of the operation. They came to Al-Jafra to offer condolences for the death of one of their colleagues. This was not the first deliberate targeting aimed at obstructing dialogue efforts. Who was at a time when all efforts were being made to call for unity of ranks and bloodshed.لالالا-300x225

What happened at Al-Jafra airport was the killing of civilians and military personnel and the destruction of installations. It is impossible to keep silent about it or to go beyond it because it exceeded all the limits of reason. It can only be described as an infidel which is rejected by all values ​​and is motivated by all humanitarian principles. Security and peace, have no other purpose than to bring the country into an endless cycle of chaos and instability.

We are facing a dangerous slippage, which hampers the efforts of reconciliation, to the military aggression, which will not stand idly by in anticipation of its next strikes, to face condemnation, or to rationalize the voice of reason. We will confront it from our positions of responsibility to the Libyans, Let’s get back to the first box again.

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