Held a press conference on the latest developments


Mr Ahmed Omar Maiteeg, Deputy Prime Minister of the Presidential Council held today a press conference on the latest updates which summarises as the following:

The Presidential Council is dealing seriously with all the crises the country face and seeks to complete the building of state institutions. Mr Maiteeg has presented serious proposals to end the liquidity crisis and that the price of the dollar will drop once the oil exportation is resumed.صصص

Presidential Council recently dissolved the Board of Directors of the General Electric Company and replaced it with an interim managerial committee from within the company.

Mr Maiteeg stressed that the Presidential Council and the Government of National Accord are keen on the unity and end the division, and it had been agreed to form committees to carry out the implementation of the outputs of the political agreement.

The Presidential Council also stressed condemnation for foreign intervention in Libya and summoned French Ambassador to provide formal protest to the French government and asked to clarify the circumstances of this incident,

As for the military institutions, Mr Maiteeg confirmed that the Presidential Council seeks to build a strong Libyan army capable of protecting the country from the threat of terrorist organisations.

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