We held over yesterday and today many meetings with Egyptian political leaders, and most recently to meet with the Egyptian Foreign Minister Mr “Sameh Shoukry”.


These meetings were positive and constructive, during which confirmed the Egyptians are keen to move towards the support of the Libyan accord and accelerate the unification of the institutions. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr “Sameh Shoukry” stressed that the primary interest for Egypt is the support of reconciliation between the Libyan parties, and seek to provide a convenient environment to support and enhances the ability of all sides of the Libyan equation to reach the necessary consensus.

We have expressed our appreciation for the role played by Egypt in this context, the objective of promoting stability, peace in Libya and the fight against terrorism, and to enable the Libyan parties to reach a consensus and work together to uphold the chief interest of the Libyan people.

Also, we refer to our agreement to continue the dialogue in the next phase, and the follow-up role played by Egypt to bring the positions of all parties.

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