A special meeting for Mr. Ahmed Maitiq on the adoption of financial arrangements for fiscal year 2017 in response to citizens’ questions.

Date: 13/01/2017

We arrived today, God willing, to put another arrangement, on a long journey of consultations, the parties, the Central Bank of Libya, the Audit Bureau, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Planning, and we were able to put all the arrangements for a plan of action to improve the living conditions of citizens, A direct role in solving the problem of inflation of the Libyan currency,za-300x225
Economic and financial recovery and will have a positive impact on living conditions.
We appreciate the efforts of all these institutions, which will have a significant impact on the treatment of all the bottlenecks inherited by the current Libyan economy, from the previous stages, and we It is certain that the new year 2017 will be better with the help of God, and will see a significant development in terms of economic stability, and monetary.

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