Mr. Ahmed Maiteeg and his accompanying delegation on an official visit to Russia.




Deputy Prime Minister of the Presidential Council of the National Accord Government Mr. Ahmed Omar Maiteeg and his accompanying delegation were on an official visit to the Russian Federation. This visit was in response to the invitation sent to them for the purpose of meeting with Russian governmental officials. In the framework of cooperation and to the emphasis on the Libyan-Russian relations, and Russia’s support of the political agreement and the Government of National Accord as a strong partner and an influential supporter and to assist in resolving the Libyan crisis.

During this visit, Mr. Maiteeg met with Deputy Secretary General of the Russian Mr. Evgeny Lukyanov, and the Special Representative for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Mikhail Bogdanov.

They discussed the Libyan-Russian relations on the political and economic levels, the war against ISIS under the umbrella of the National Accord Government, the Russian Federation’s assist in the Libyan army re-build and re-open of the Russian embassy in Tripoli and return their diplomatic representatives.

There was no plan, on this visit, to meet with any Libyans.


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