Mr Ahmed Maiteeq’s statement about the visit of Mr. Paolo Gentiloni, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, to Libya.

Mr Paulo Gentiloni Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations of Italy, arrived in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in support of the Libyan people, as represented by the Presidential Council, in a clear message of the Italian support to the Council after entering the capital Tripoli two weeks ago.نن-300x225

During the visit, we carried out significant talks where we exchanged views with Mr Gentiloni, in which we have agreed on upcoming supporting steps to include all areas, as Mr Gentiloni stressed during the meeting that Libyan-Italian Cooperation would translate efficiently and soon between institutions in both countries.

We thank our friend Italy for the great support to Libyan people since the beginning of the dialogue till today, and in this occasion, we emphasize the importance of such visits between the two countries as Italy has a lot to offer to the Libyan people.

Experience has shown that clear relationship between the two nations was imposed by the state of harmony between people of both countries, wishing to pass the challenges safely, and reach a political agreement, to be then able to work side by side in the creation of cooperation opportunities for the benefit of Libyan and Italian peoples.

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